Saturday, 17 July 2010


Sleep is escaping me tonight so I'm filling the hours with music and my own little thoughts. One of my friends is at latitude and she called earlier so I could hear The XX down the phone. I love that band more than I love floral patterns and cupcakes (and that is LOTS). So here I am listening to Heart Skipped a Beat and feeling a little wistful about the past. They say music cleanses the soul and I guess I agree; you have to be broken down before you can build back up again. Whoever 'they' are, they're usually right.

My blogs are usually filled with pictures and pretty things to please the eye but tonight it doesn't really fit my mood so I'm afraid it will mostly be full of my ramblings (think Carrie Bradshaw but without the fabulous clothes and apartment). Talking of apartments, I have been on the lookout for pretty things for my new house and came across some absolute wonders on the Urban Oufitters website. I especially love the 'vanity' section which is full of delicate jewellery stands, decorative mirrors and cute photo frames. I might have to indulge in a few presents for myself.

Ok... just one picture:

Bird Hook - Urban Outfitters

I'm going to try to drift off to sleep with the sounds of this band in my ears. I hope other people love them just as much as I do.

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