Monday, 25 April 2011

Cocktails from Dogma Nottingham. Left: French Martini ♥ Right: Mojito
Easter. A time for reflection. Mainly reflecting on how many easter eggs you have consumed and considering at what point it is acceptable to order your first cocktail. Just me? I hope not.

The sun has been out treating us all to gorgeous days and balmy evenings. It only took twenty four hours of sunshine for me to get a face full of freckles and a host of new outfits in celebration of the weather. Who cares if this weather will only last another few days? My new maxi dresses and sandals (I reasoned whilst in the changing room and fully aware that I have no money) will last me all summer and I can take them on holiday. Value for money.

Dress left H&M £14.99, Dress right H&M £14.99, Sandal top Topshop £28 (or around that!)
P.S. H&M always used to be a little behind the trend in terms of online shopping. It just wasn't available. But now, thanks to many requests I'm sure, they have an online site including virtual dressing room, blog, on trend fashion advice and a collaboration with Lanvin under their belt. 
Go H&M! I always loved you.

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