Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Springtime sunrise.

Mid february and I finally managed to get to the gym. My second visit since November. Wow. It sounds pretty bad when you actually put it in writing. So here I am feeling all envigorated (read tired) and up for blogging while I'm not snowed under with work.

The weeks up to half term drag so I've been trying to think positively and come up with little things that make me happy at the moment. It actually works!

♥ springtime sunrise - a gorgeous soft purple lilac colour slowing melting into orange.
♥ midday biscuit and a natter.
♥ not having rain ALL the time.
♥ lighter mornings and evenings. Summer isn't far!
♥ new fashions hitting the shops.
♥ surprises.
♥ getting into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets. mmm.

I'm feeling all warm and snuggly already! This page wouldn't be complete if I didn't fill it with pictures and things that make me smile. Here are a few February funsies.

Ed Westwick - cheekbones like that can't be ignored!

Christopher Kane (taken from the LFW website - click for link below)

The combination of Katy Perry and Bruno Mars is pretty beautiful.

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