Sunday, 14 November 2010


I know it's only November but I'm thinking about the year that has just passed and how different I feel now compared to this time last year. Back then, I was loved up with a boyfriend, in the middle of teacher training, living in a tiny flat with rubbish flatmates and generally a little bit muddled. Fast forward to this year and I'm single (but happier), got a job working at a really good school, living in a nice house, nearly able to drive and just generally feeling better in myself. This has been one of the hardest years of my life so far in terms of stress and uncertainty but I've reached the end of the year feeling better about it all and like things are on the up!

Here is a mini montage of 2009:

I feel like a different person compared to that. 

A few things I've got up to this year alongside pictures might go some way to showing what it's been like.

Giggles with HK

With Maria's baby Sam - he's grown SO much

Our first PGCE outing

No sleep + booze + curry = rough

Rugby sevens with wifey

Manchester marathon for Cancer Research

Lady Gaga!!

A couple of the aber ladies

not got our faces in but we all look so happy :)
During a trip to chester with murtagh

Wakestock tomfoolery

Our PGCE ball - lovely ladies ♥

Rosie and I being far too excited about cider

One of our many nights out

PGCE class

Wakestock - me and cherry

My PGCE graduation with mum

Our little jolly to Brum

My birthday

My lovely spanish class who I had the pleasure of teaching during summer :)

Me and Kissysellout - Yes, I'm a drunken weirdo fan

Stealth Kissysellout gig
Crashing a stag party

Marina and The Diamonds
Chester Zoo - I felt so sorry for him :(

Me and Scotty during our 'quiet' drinks
So to sum it up, even though this year has been really hard and at the time I thought it was miserable. I've met some great people, had some amazing times and there's still another month to go!

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