Friday, 19 August 2011


Friday for me consisted of kfc in the sunshine, road trips and blasts from the past. Sometimes I forget to appreciate the simple things in life and times like this remind me that I should make the most of every single day (no matter how comfy my bed is!)


♥ White chocolate
♥ Bright nail varnish
♥ Loud bass (as ear damaging as possible)
♥ Hugs from friends
♥ Cheese sandwiches
♥ Managing to avoid a massive downpour of rain and watching it from inside
♥ Bright blue anything
♥ Getting mystery packages in the post
♥ Not having to set the alarm
♥ Long rambling phone calls and conversations about nothing in particular
♥ Wearing too much jewellery
♥ Finding old photos and letters
♥ Ridiculously bright flowers
♥ Fairy lights
♥ The XX
♥ Eating buttercream icing out of the bowl. Naughty!

Not long until the return to work so the plan is to squeeze in as much fun as I can between then and now. A few nights out with good friends and a festival should do the trick! Here's hoping that our camping experience is a bit more successful this time round. We just about managed to assemble a pop-up tent last time and could not for the life of us get it flat again when it was time to leave. We still blame it on the fact that we were up a tall hill in a rainy, windy Wales and the tent just wanted to fly away! It resulted in me lying across the tent on the floor with Rosie trying to fold it around me. Classy ladies as ever. We are attempting the full three days this time so we're going to stock up on dry shampoo and cider to see us through! Any advice from hardened festival goers is welcomed!

A few observations which have been stuck in my head all day:

Do Jedward themselves actually know which is which?
How do I manage to injure myself in some form every day?
Whatever KFC gravy is made with concerns me...
How many people am I going to delete from Facebook/Twitter for repeated mentions of Big Brother?
Same as above for football related statuses.

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