Friday, 3 February 2012

Spring in your step

What a long week! It's been frosty and horrible the whole time and I'm pretty sure I've forgotton what it feels like to be warm. No one should have to sleep with two duvets on their bed. Ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm pretending to myself (while sat here fully clothed under two duvets) that spring isn't far away and I must immediately begin planning my wardrobe. I'm also pretending that I have the money to do this. ASOS has a new feature which allows you to save items and so here are mine. I prefer looking at accessories on ASOS because the sizes of their clothes seem a bit funny on me. Here's my accessory love so far:

The bright nail varnish is perfect for summer and it really reminds me of the Mulberry Spring Summer Campaign and those gorgeous flashes of yellow. I'm not a yellow wearer really, but I can definitely work it in there with nail varnish or the yellow flats I've also chosen above. The Mulberry campaign also has some really pretty pastel colours which have already influenced me and made me crave mint green and baby blue. The baby blue clutch (above) is so cute and would look really good with a cream or white dress. I've also added the pink belt with birds on because a) the pastel pink isn't too girlie and b) I love belts with a bit of detailing on. The other items on my saved list are brilliant basics - black and gold sandals which can be worn with anything, a big chunky watch and the beautiful Whistles black purse which would fit nicely inside the bright red satchel! The red lipstick is there because it's my default colour and I'd wear it with a black dress and the pink/creamy coloured purse. I was surprised that I liked the floral belt (in the centre) because it's not normally my kind of thing but I could imagine wearing it with a white tunic and giant wavy hair.

I can almost feel the sunshine now.

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