Sunday, 21 November 2010


Everyone seems wrapped up in X Factor at the moment. Most people have something to say, whether it's good or bad. Everyone has an opinion, even if it's just a comment on Simon Cowell or Cheryl Cole. 

Cher - I've not been very sure about her act, especially the rapping, but I've been interested in what she's been wearing each week. Even though I would never wear it, I think she's setting a trend and I've definitely seen a few Cher-a-likes walking around town. She seems to have had her image toned down recently and it's definitely made me warm to her more. She looks better with less make up and just her voice on show.

My favourite performance so far.

I'm not a Wagner fan but I do feel sorry for him because he's clearly being exploited and it's gone a bit too far now! 
I love Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson and really hope one of them wins. They both have true talent and I always love when they don't have tons of confidence because you can relate to them a little bit more. Rebecca is also turning into a bit of a fashion icon. I absolutely adore the polished look; perfect hair, eyelashes, nails and THAT voice. 

Cheryl is still the true star! 

A few of my favourite tunes at the moment...

Here's a screen shot from Sunday Girl -Stop Hey.
I want that dress! ♥

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