Monday, 18 October 2010

Reading Maps

There was time
when our joined bodies
looked like a map
of New York City.
\Arms and legs
intertwining, forming
right angles that jutted,
forged avenues,
paved new roads to travel.
\We seem to have lost
our sense of direction
at least a common
I am eastbound
and you are looking west
and our prostrate
bodies now reflect
parallel highways
that never intersect
and paths that never cross.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Feels like forever.

It's been a long time since I wrote. Life became hectic and certain things just took a backseat. I don't know why my blog is the first thing to go because I love writing and sharing the latest little things I've found. It's safe to assume that I continued shopping and spending like a pro this month and I have a few wonders to talk about.

I'm a massive fan of Motel vintage and spent weeks agonising over which dresses I should buy. I finally settled on these two:

I will be wearing them with leggings, waistbelt, boots and a big cardigan for daytime. For night time I will just wear leggings and stillettos to dress them up a bit. I went for blue and purple because they suit my skintone more than other colours. Haven't had chance to wear them yet. Maybe next weekend!

My favourite winter buy so far is a pair of calf length black boots from Schuh. Sixty five pounds of wonder. SO comfy and I can wear them with so many outfits. Still keeping my eye out for some uggs though...

Pay day is next friday so I'm sure River Island will be glad to receive some of my money. I have my eye on a green snood and a handbag. There are so many handbags to choose from - it's a hard life. It's fair to say that my shopping obsession is perhaps worst that most peoples, but I'm not worried yet.

Newest internet loves:

Love fashion    - particularly the wrap around dresses

Jewellery - loving owl necklaces at the moment

Music - links to the most popular emerging songs of the moment ♥

In other news, I'm still working hard at being a real teacher. It's scary thinking about it but I'm really enjoying it despite being tired and feeling like I'm working every second of every day. One week until half term when I can slow down (slightly) and catch up on sleep. I've done parents evening, detentions and next week involves a trip to see Hamlet in Sheffield and a night watching my Year 7 form group perform songs for their parents. It's going to be busy but I'm looking forward to it!  Geek. 

In the spare time I do manage to find, I am currently reading:

Reading the Tempest because I will be teaching it next term and need to know my stuff, 1984 because I fancy a good book and Marie Claire because I just can't tear myself away from fashion and celebrities. Really enjoying 1984! 

Driving lessons are going well and I will be booking my test soon; hopefully I will have a new thing to shop for in the new year. A car! I will freely admit I have no clue about cars, prices or what I need to be buying. This is one of the times when I do require a man to help me make decisions and avoid getting ripped off. Saying that, most of the girlies know lots about cars, maybe it's just me being clueless?

On the subject of men, there's not much to say really. Still single, but still busy and quite enjoying being selfish and spending all of my money and time on me. Almost six months of total singledom and I have't been sucked into a black hole or turned into a lady with hundreds of cats. Perhaps it isn't so bad after all. 

However, Matt Cardle from X Factor could change my mind...
Such a sucker for a guy with a guitar and a beautiful voice ♥

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." 
- Sex in the City 

Feel good music I'm loving:

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